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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Dear Community Member:

We are, once again, sending you this update in Lieu of a 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM).  There has been no activity of note on the Conservatory Group’s Quarry Lands in the past 12 months . We value your time and commitment and did not want to convene a meeting unless there was value in it for you and our cause.  We have decided not hold AGM at this time.

That said, we do continue to hold regular Board meetings and we are in regular contact with City staff and elected officials to ensure that the communities interests are represented.  No new issues regarding the Conservatory lands have come forth, but we must remain vigilant and be ready to oppose any towers on the Quarry lands at a moment’s notice. We will advise as necessary.

We would also like to post a final public farewell to long time community activist and CCQLD board member Ed Treadway who died recently.  Ed was one of the early voices for responsible development in West Scarborough and helped shape the Coalport Drive development in the 1970s. We were grateful when Ed offered to lend us his experience and counsel for several years as a member of the CCQLD board. He is missed.

We would also like to note the recent passing of another long time community activist. Maurice Weaver was one of the founders of  the Birch Cliff Concerned Citizens and regularly attended CCQLD AGMs until a few years ago.

The torch has been passed. We need new, younger blood to step up and speak out on behalf of their community.


Tim Weber