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Monday, March 6, 2017

Dear CCQLD Members and Supporters

As President of the Concerned Citizens for Quarry Land Development, I would like to thank you for your continued support.  Our united opposition to the construction of high rise condominium towers in the eastern portion of the Quarry Lands remains as firm as ever, an example of what communities can achieve when they speak with one, firm voice. The land owned by mega developer GCD remains undisturbed. 
Our critics would like to paint us as anti-development, but in fact we have consistently advocated for ‘responsible community building’.  The construction of 25 story towers in a community which consists of single family dwellings and a scattering of low rise condominiums could not be considered responsible.
GCD has clearly signaled to us that it intends to ignore the wishes of the community and will at some point go ahead with construction of the condominium towers, with the approval of the Ontario Municipal Board.  Our job is to make their job as difficult as possible.  GCD’s timeline for construction is known only to them. The company has refused to negotiate a resolution to this issue and could at any moment, apply for a building permit. At that point, we will have to agree on a course of action and we will have to act quickly. Our political leaders are clear on what we expect and we will hold them accountable.  
Normally I would be writing to you at this time of the year to advise on the date and time of our Annual General Meeting. The CCQLD Board of Directors has decided to postpone our traditional spring AGM and reschedule in the fall.  The status of the GCD development remains unchanged since our last meeting, and we feel it does not make a great deal of sense to spend our limited funds on a meeting which would be little more than a restatement of last year’s discussion.
The Board will continue to monitor developments in the eastern portion of the Quarry Lands and will report to you as necessary. Thank you for your continued interest and support and vigilance on behalf of your community.

Tim Weber
President, CCQLD