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Friday, October 12, 2012


Hi Everyone,

Ontario Municipal Board coming up next week, beginning on Tuesday October 16 at 10am. This is over the Conservatory Group’s application to sever one of its four ‘blocks’ —  the area known as block 1 — on the southwest portion of its lands.

CCQLD will be there to speak against to the Conservatory Group’s application, and to voice once again the community’s unanimous opposition to the proposed high-rise development under consideration and the outdated 1960s zoning on which it is based.

If any members of the community would like to attend the hearing, it would be helpful if you could contact Joanne Smith,  (, so we can have an idea of numbers. The hearing could extend over several days and we do not yet have confirmation when CCQLD’s presentation will be.

Thanks for your ongoing involvement and we’ll be back in touch soon.

Board of Directors,
Concerned Citizens of Quarry Lands Development

Monday, October 8, 2012

More Work to Do

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those who came out to the meeting on Oct. 3 to listen to and provide feedback on Build Toronto's development ideas for the western portion of the Quarry Lands site.

Build Toronto's initial plans call for its roughly 20 acres of land to be divided among low-rise residential (50 percent), retail (25 percent) and park space (25 percent) uses.

We will be providing a more complete update in the near future once we have received and looked through all the feedback provided by those in attendance. In brief, the retail development and traffic were identified as major concerns. Some people expressed satisfaction that only low-rise residential is being considered.

There was also ongoing concern expressed about the Conservatory Group's plans for the eastern portion of the site -- currently zoned for high rise residential towers -- and how any Build Toronto development might affect what happens on Conservatory Group land.

Back in touch soon,
Board of Directors, CCQLD