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Friday, October 10, 2014

Letter to CCQLD Members

Oct. 7/12
Hello Everyone.
I am writing to tell you about our all candidates meeting to be held at Blantyre Public School on Monday October 20th at 7pm.
This will be your best chance to meet the candidates running in Ward 36 and find out where they stand on the development of the Quarry Lands, specifically, how they will STOP GCD from building towers in the eastern portion of the land.
As you are aware, the city and its arms length development agency Build is proposing to build low rise condos and a large format retail outlet in the western portion towards Victoria Park, but as a result of 1960’s era zoning and a lack of vision and fortitude at Toronto City Hall, GCD has received permission from the OMB to build 20-25 storey towers in the east.
While there has been no activity for some time, the threat is real and the developer is in a position to apply for a building permit and begin construction.
We strongly encourage you to come to the debate and decide for yourself which candidate will best represent our needs and put responsible community building first.
Yours Truly,
  Tim Weber

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


This meeting is for the candidates running for City Councillor for Ward 36 Scarborough Southwest.  

The candidates are listed here in no particular order: 

Gary Crawford (the incumbent); 
Robert Spencer; 
Robert McDermott; 
Masilhallah Mohebzada; 
Christian Tobin and 
Ed Green.

This councillor-candidates meeting has been organized by CCQLD.  It will primarily focus on the proposed development on the Quarry Lands.  The floor will open up to other issues, time permitting. (Memberships are $10 annually).  

Come join us on Monday October 20, 2014 at Blantyre Public School at 290 Blantyre Avenue, Scarborough, ON from  7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  Doors open at 6: 45 pm

Evergreen' s Summary from Build Toronto Meeting on March 18

Sorry for the delay folks.  I forgot to post this on our Blog.  Here is Evergreen's report from the Build Toronto meeting on March 18, 2014 regarding the park space portion on the Ctiy owned portion of the Quarry Lands.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Park Report Delayed...

The Quarry Lands Park report, based on our last community meeting, is taking longer than expected.  Build Toronto says the report, from Evergreen, should be ready by the end of May.


Sunday, April 20, 2014


We are hearing rumblings that Build Toronto and the City’s planning department have been discussing ways to adjust the exterior design of the ‘large format retail’ building to make it a better fit for our neighbourhood.  Stay tuned.  


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Community Meeting

Hello CCQLD Members,

It was good to see so many members of our community come out to the meeting to contribute their thoughts and opinions about the shape and style of the new park in the quarry lands.  Build and Evergreen are preparing a report on our community meeting held on  March 18th. That report should be available in the next few weeks and all those who left an email address at the meeting will be getting a copy. CCQLD will also be sending out copies to all our members.  

Tim Weber

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Community Meeting March 18th

Hello CCQLD Members,

I hope you can make this meeting at Malvern Collegiate.  It is being hosted by Build Toronto and the purpose is to solicit feedback from the community on Build’s plans for the Quarry Lands, specifically, how best to utilize the generous park lands  to make this development a truly special place. I’ve included their invitation in case you didn’t get one. (see the link below)

The head of Planning for the city of Toronto, Jennifer Keesmat, met last month with the CCQLD Board and we were very encouraged by her support and insight. She promised to do her very best to encourage GCD, which owns the rights to build condominium towers on the eastern portion of the lands to join us in coming up with a better alternative for our community.  Even though GCD’s rights have been upheld by the OMB, we have not run out of options, not by a long shot, and it’s nice to have the Chief Planner behind us as we continue our fight.

In the meantime, let’s turn our focus to the Western portion and the Build Plan and help them make this the best it can be.

Hope to see you on the 18th.

Tim Weber

President CCQLD