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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Quarry Lands Tower Proposal

Hi Everyone,

Its been awhile since our last post, and there was recent story that's been circulating. There are some links attached that will help explain and give further details to this on-going issue. 

In regards to the Conservatory ’s lands, the situation remains the same; the fact that they can build at any time.  In regards to there 33 story proposal it is just a proposal. (see link:

It hasn’t been activated.  The question is; is the Conservatory Group going to or not going  to obtains a permit.  The feeling, at this point, is that they aren’t going to build.  By putting forth the proposal they are keeping their right to build active.  So, if the Conservatory group decides to build they can obtain the permit at any time they want.  Of course, this is known information.  

Our concern now is the 33 story building that they are proposing to build.  Unfortunately, there is nothing to stop them from building that high.  The city won’t contest it because that is what the city want the developers to do on their lands.  The logic is that more open space on the land will be created.  The tower’s footprint will be less than the two tower pedestal that they were proposing to build previously.  The only stipulation that they have to adhere to is that the tower has to have the same number of units or less than the previous proposal.

If the Conservatory Group goes ahead and gets the permit, the planning department would take about 6 months to review it before the Conservatory Group could begin building. 

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CCQLD Board of Directors