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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thanks to outgoing MP Michelle Simson

Hi everyone,

As you know, the federal election on May 2 brought in a new Member of Parliament for Scarborough Southwest, Dan Harris. Congratulations, Dan. CCQLD is very much looking forward to working with Dan going forward, along with elected representatives from other levels of government, to ensure a positive outcome on this issue.

At this time, we'd also like to thank and pay tribute to Scarborough Southwest's outgoing Member of Parliament, Michelle Simson, for her extraordinary support of CCQLD during her time as our M.P.

Michelle took on the Quarry Lands as a strong personal cause even though there is no direct federal responsibility or jurisdiction. Never afraid to take a strong public stand on important issues, she spoke passionately in support of the community's position at our public rally in April 2010 and encouraged her colleagues to do the same.

Michelle's work and generosity behind the scenes has been instrumental in our efforts to raise awareness and build momentum within the community and with other stakeholders. She made significant personal financial contributions that allowed us to order the lawn signs that are seen throughout our neighbourhood. In addition, she set up meetings and promoted our cause with other civic leaders and officials -- efforts that helped us put this issue on the map and gave CCQLD strong credibility in discussions.

We are extremely pleased that Michelle plans to stay involved with this issue, as we will continue to benefit from her experience and insights.

With much appreciation,
CCQLD Board of Directors